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The first sentence in this article is an Islamic greeting which is also a prayer asking for peace, mercy and blessings requested from Allah SWT to the person being greeted and also to the person saying it. This means that Islam is a religion that teaches peace to obtain mercy and blessings from Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala (Allah the most glorified, the most high) or commonly abbreviated as SWT.

The next sentences which start with Bismillaahirrahmaanirrahiiim is the opening of letters in Al Qur’an. Al Qur’an is the holy book for Muslims, a collection of the words of Allah SWT. With Bismillaahirrahmaanirrahiiim, Allah SWT introduces Himself as the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

Then we are here to invite us all to get to know Islam more closely. For our Muslim brothers and sisters, we can learn together and give each other advice. For our brothers and sisters who are studying Islam, hopefully this can help you understand Islam in a simple way. May Allah SWT give guidance to all of us. Aamiiin Ya Allah.

Meanwhile sharing about Islam, we do business like our Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wassalaam (May Allah honor him and grant him peace) or commonly abbreviated as SAW did.

Ramadhan 1445 Hijriah is coming soon in couple weeks ahead. Let’s get ready for it. We provide quality products in our site to accompany you and your family during the fasting month. Hopefully we will succeed in living it well and become pious people.

We don't want to patronize you. We're not giving you a lecture. We just want to share happiness about Islam. We are glad when many people are happy because of Islam.
For those who need direct face to face Islamic consultation, please visit the ahlussunah wal Jamaah masjid near you.

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