Preparation for Welcoming Ramadan 1445 H - More Blessings in the Holy Month

Preparation for Welcoming Ramadan 1445 H - More Blessings in the Holy Month

Have you made preparations for the holy month of Ramadan? As the month where rewards are multiplied approaches, it is important to ensure that you are in the best condition possible. Here are some steps you can take to prepare for Ramadan:

1. Strengthen your faith by practicing controlling bad daily habits. Start by ensuring that you perform the Five Daily Prayers on time.

2. Prepare yourself physically for fasting by reducing unhealthy habits, such as staying up late and eating unhealthy food. Begin to exercise more regularly and, if necessary, take vitamins or health supplements to help your body become more resilient and avoid getting sick during the month of Ramadan.

3. Deepen your knowledge and understanding of religion. Learn about what things Muslims should and should not do during Ramadan. Read more about religion and participate in religious forums to deepen your knowledge and carry out your worship more effectively.

4. Plan your finances so that you can increase your charity by giving zakat and alms during Ramadan. Start living more frugally and manage your finances wisely to ensure that your savings are enough to meet your needs and charity in the month of Ramadan.


5. Prepare yourself for daily Ramadan needs by ensuring that you have all the necessary worship equipment as well as adequate cooking spices and nutritious food for sahur and breaking the fast.

6. Clean your surroundings, including your house and the mosque or prayer room if possible, to create a comfortable and pleasant environment for worship.

7. Prepare yourself mentally and spiritually by repenting for your mistakes and ensuring that your soul is in a pure and sincere state. Be mentally prepared for the challenges of fasting and other worship activities throughout the month.

8. Be grateful and pray to Allah for the arrival of this blessed month. Surrender yourself to hope and pray that your sins will be forgiven during Ramadan.

9. Prepare your worship equipment, including prayer mats, sarongs, peci, and mukenas, to support your faith in Ramadan.

10. Start many good deeds towards others and leave behind bad habits during this blessed month to become an even better person.

11. Don't forget to pay off your fasting debt from last year before welcoming the month of Ramadan, as there are several conditions that allow Muslims not to fast, such as being sick, pregnant, or menstruating.

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