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RUQAYYAH-Aluminum Mocha Coffee Pot

RUQAYYAH-Aluminum Mocha Coffee Pot

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Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia and spread to Ottoman Turkey in the late 15th century. It became so popular in Ottoman Turkey that the world's first coffeehouse emerged. Subsequently, coffee expanded into Europe, and in 1529, Franz Georg Kolschitzky opened the first coffee shop in Europe. Since then, coffee shops have become places where people gather to discuss current events, ideas, and even resistance. Today, coffee is a typical drink of Arab-Islamic civilization, and millions of people around the world enjoy it.

This Mocha Coffee Pot is a portable Italian-style coffee maker that lets you enjoy the authentic taste of coffee like in an Italian coffee shop. Making espresso coffee easily and quickly. It's available in 2 cup and 6 cup options, easy to operate, and great for novices. The V-shaped spout design ensures that the coffee doesn't leak, and it can be heated by an open flame, an alcohol lamp, or an electric furnace. It's durable, easy to clean, and suitable for all people. Please keep it away from children and avoid storing it in a dark and humid place for a long time.

Product Specs: Red/Black Colors, Shown Size, 240g for 150ml & 350g for 300ml, Aluminum Material.

Ruqayyah is the daughter of Prophet Muhammad who, along with her husband Uthman ibn Affan and 14 other companions, migrated to Ethiopia on the advice of Prophet Muhammad. They settled in Negash, which became the center of the spread of Islam in Ethiopia. King Najasyi, the fair and hospitable ruler of Ethiopia, rejected the request of the Quraish infidels to expel the Muslims from Ethiopian land, and the companions stayed in Ethiopia until Prophet Muhammad moved to Medina. Some of the companions decided to stay in Ethiopia and spread Islam in the eastern region of Africa.

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