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Little Madinah

ASMA-Electric Barbecue Grill Oven

ASMA-Electric Barbecue Grill Oven

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Barbecues have been a part of family gatherings since ancient times and have now become a global phenomenon. In the US, barbecues have become a cultural tradition and an important part of many celebrations. The Asma Electric Barbecue Grill Oven allows every family to confidently make their own barbecue at home and impress their guests with its affordability and easy methods.

The Asma Electric Barbecue Grill Oven is a perfect household appliance that features a smoke-free, non-stick surface, and grill skewers. It comes with a 360° automatic rotation feature, an oil pan that makes cleaning easy, and an anti-scalding glass door that ensures safe use.

This vertical grill uses PTFE non-stick material and a heating tube method. With a 1200 W power supply, 220-240 V voltage, 10 L capacity, and 5.9 kg net weight, it comes with multi-gear temperature adjustment and is certified by CB, GS, and CCC.

Asma is a prominent figure in Islamic history. Her full name "Asma bint Abu Bakr" indicates that she is the sister of Aisha Bint Abu Bakr, the wife of Prophet Muhammad, and the daughter of Abu Bakr ash-Siddiq. She was one of the first to embrace Islam and is believed to have played a role in the revelation of some verses of the Al-Quran.

According to one story, Asma was tasked with preparing food when Rasulullah SAW was about to emigrate to Medina. When she could not find a tie to secure the food container, she took off her belt and divided it into two parts. She used one part to tie the food container and the other to tie the drink containers.

The revelation of Surah Al Mumlahanah verse 8 comes from Asma's question to Rasulullah SAW. She asked if it was permissible to continue her relationship to her mother, a polytheist woman. Rasulullah SAW gave his affirmative response, leading to the revelation of Surah Al Mumlahanah verse 8.
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